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The Anti-Capital 2020 poetry issue is here! Featuring work from: jamondria harris, Dave Morse, Scott Wordsman, Ben Read, Lisa Krawczyk, Reuben Dendinger //

Eight Poems //

21 pages //

Pre-orders for physical copies will open Friday, January 1st

 Two poems by jamondria harris 

     late summer into fall body fragments
read by jamondria harris

read by jamondria harris

 Now the Police Will Arrest You for Holding On
 by Ben Read  
read by David James

  7/10/19      (Gravity & Grace, “Not Down this Low”) 
 by Dave Morse  
 Two poems by Scott Wordsman

    I can change  
    Birthday Riffs     

 Atlantic Dream by Lisa Krawczyk  
read by Lisa Krawczyk
 Property by Reuben Dendinger